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Youth Rock is an organization of young adult musicians looking to help those in need. Since 2010, we've been raising money to help charitable organizations from all over the country, including the Bezos Foundation, the Windhorse Foundation, Architecture for Humanity, Kiddo!, Performing Stars of Marin and more!

Based in the Bay Area, our rotating cast of talented musicans and performers play concerts in our communities to help bring awareness to our various causes. We hope to see you at one soon!


Our Next Event is Saturday, May 31th

Youth Rock the Rebuild and the SYSF Youth Sailing join forces to sponsor a fundraiser benefitting Marin City's Performing Stars and SYSF Youth Sailing Programs.

For the past 6 years Youth Rock the Rebuild  has raised over $60,000 to benefit multiple non-profits.  This devoted  group of musician's mission is “Making Music to Make a Difference”.  By applying their enthusiasm for music towards community service and learning how to organize, produce and perform in large music events, they have been able to fulfill their mission and really make a difference in Marin as well as in the greater world community. 

The Sausalito Yacht Club's youth sailing programs are designed to teach and support all level's of youth sailors within the Bay Area.  Our programs range from beginning sailing to competitive high school level advanced racing.  Our main goals are to ensure all participants experience boating and sailing in a fun, safe and adventurous environment.  There is truly no better way to spend your free time then messing about in boats on the bay!  The yacht club coordinates many fundraisers to help support our youth sailing program with a main goal of subsidizing class costs for those who want to join in the fun.  All charitable contributions are run though our SYC Youth Foundation (501C3) and redistributed back to support the program.

Youth Rock bands and musicians ages 10-18 will perform on two stages from 12:00am-9:00 pm, putting on an incredible all ages show you won't want to miss!

SYSF Youth Sailing will provide fun activities for the kids from 11:00 am-5:00 pm, including boat model building, rain gutter races, boat rides, rope knot tying demonstrations. 

There will be a family friendly menu and a snack bar for the kids!

Tickets available at the door.  $25 for adults, $15 up to age 18, under 5 FREE!  Credit cards only please.